Discover What Fortune 500 Companies Know About Coaching & Why They Use It

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Discover What Fortune 500 Companies Know About Coaching & Why They Use It

Even the most successful business people, at all levels of their companies org structure, need help with setting priorities, finding areas for improved efficiency and increasing job satisfaction. Often people need some help in taking a step back and looking at the big picture.

A coach provides an objective ear, they listen and prod you to think deeper and more clearly, helping you get to the bottom of things you may not otherwise look at. They create a safe environment to be very honest and explore issues and goals and plans.

A good coach will help you find the gap between where you are and where you want to be and will help you bridge that gap.

Coaches will also help hold you accountable and help you take specific and intentional actions that are in alignment with your goals, beliefs and values.

A good coach can provide structure and support to the process, with various benchmarks and tasks along the way.
Take a look at athletes – they can’t do it alone, they have at least one coach and often many. Seeking out an expert who has the skillset and objectivity to guide you in the area that you spend the most of your daily time in makes sense and is bound to lead to increased success and more importantly, satisfaction.

Increased aware of strengths and weaknesses and a recommitment to goals allow both yourself and your company to enjoy increased productivity.

While it’s worth it to invest in yourself and hire a coach, it’s also possible that your company offers a program where they pay for coaching or even bring a coach in-house. With studies showing higher revenue for companies where their executives participate in coaching, it becomes a way to increase returns and not a cost center.

Still not sure how a coach could help you? Let’s explore a few other ways.

Coaches can see blind spots and guide you through them. Coaches have no agenda or goal other than to help you meet your goals and objectives, so they are honest and forthright, making it easier for you to accept the good and the bad. Typically a coach won’t give you the answer but will help identify the problem and prompt you to discover the solution with insightful questions.

Coaches are able to help you determine which weaknesses need to be improved and which are better left alone. They can help you decide where you will see the best return on your time and efforts.

Coaching can help you increase confidence, become a better leader, learn to deal with conflict, sharpen communication skills and trust your instincts in decision making.

Explore coaching on your own or as a program your employer offers and you will see almost immediate results and increased success building over time.

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