Client Corner

My clients come to coaching because they are ready for change. They are ready to create or design something new in their lives.  They want support, guidance and often someone to be accountable to as they progress through their journey.

They are serious and committed and so ready to live their lives to the fullest.

We start with a questionnaire that helps me understand your goals and desired outcomes for coaching.  There are various tools and worksheets we use as work through your personalized sessions.

Each session (1 hour long) starts with me leading you through questions related to your life and goals. By the end of the session, we have an action plan and often homework assignments to give you a clear sense of focus. Coaching isn’t about doing a certain amount of homework or following a formula, it is custom to your goals, your challenges and your needs.

You always lead the agenda, we always work off your agenda and never mine.  Sometimes we dig deeper into issues and other times we stay broader in scope – it all depends on what we are working through together and how it’s best to tackle it to reach the desired outcome.  We focus on the big picture – your life as a whole is impacted by this wonderful, enriching growth experience.

Please know that I am also available for email check-ins in between sessions.

If you truly commit to the process, you will see benefits of coaching immediately.  We build a solid foundation and watch things blossom from there.

As your coach, it is my mission to create a safe, open and honest environment where you always feel respected, heard, supported and challenged to grow and succeed.

My coaching style is warm, loving, fun, and always honest and direct.  I will push you out of your comfort zone but never beyond your limits.

I promise to celebrate your successes – big and small.  I promise to support you when you falter. We will laugh and I will cry – emotions are part of the process.

We will become intimately connected to your deepest thoughts and I will always vigorously protect your privacy.

As a client, you will experience increased self-esteem, improved communications, more fulfilling relationships, stronger decision making skills and success in achieving your goals – big and small.

Coaching by phone allows you to open up fully and gives you more flexibility in terms of timing and allows you to be in an environment where you feel comfortable, safe and inspired.