I admire the strength, versatility, flexibility, beauty, contradictions, consistencies, softness, toughness, commitment, loyalty and love that women possess.  I find extreme pleasure and fulfillment in connecting with my female friends.  I have always felt a kinship with other women.

In my journey through life, I became the woman I wanted to become.  I became someone I would want young girls to look up to as a role model.  I mentor an inspiring young girl and I am profoundly proud of the example I set for her.

It is for that exact reason that I have become a life purpose coach.  I want to help women live with purpose, passion and confidence.  I want women to look deep and inside and recognize all that is in there – and then harness it to design the life they want.

Whether it is finding your voice and feeling good about yourself or getting yourself ready for the man of your dreams… I’m your coach.


Working with Andrea has been a fantastic experience! I’m amazed at how quickly she’s helped me make changes in my life and take steps towards achieving my goals. I highly recommend working with her to anyone who feels that they want more in life!  – Tanya