How does discipline show up in your life?

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How does discipline show up in your life?

commitment“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments”  – Jim Rohn

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How does discipline show up in your life?

What are you doing on a daily basis – that you are consistent with and seeing the results?

  • Working out?
  • Dieting?
  • Routines with children?
  • Meditate every day?

What can you do that will you reach your goals?

There are so many areas that require consistency and discipline and it’s often hard to obtain.  That’s why our annual New Years resolutions are so popular, it feels like a fresh start and an attempt to create discipline in our lives that we feel is lacking.  There is no reason to wait for New Years though – every single moment is a fresh start.  Every time you have a decision to make to do something or not do something that will put you a step closer to your goals, it is a fresh start.  YOU are in control and get to decide to exercise that discipline and go after what you want.

Sometimes breaking it down into small steps helps.  What if you did a 30 day challenge?  Focus on 30 day increments of discipline related to your goals.

Here is a list given by Hal Elrod on the 10 causes of Poor Self- Discipline –  pick out the ones that you identify with?  Let’s work on those together!

  1. Instant gratification – choosing short term pleasure over long term success
  2.  Letting feelings dictate actions (the “I don’t feel like it syndrome)
  3.  Living with excuses (instead of accepting 100% responsibility)
  4.  The need for variety (getting bored with routine)
  5.  The someday mentality (mistakenly thinking you can wait to be great)
  6.  Isolating incidence – ONE OF MY FAVORITES – thinking each choice you make only affects the choice at hand.. (example: I can skip today’s routing… later feeling like you were not consistent)
  7.  Not being committed for the long term – What could you accomplish this year?
  8.  Waiting for breakthroughs (or thinking there is a quick fix)
  9.  Not believing you r goals and dreams are possible (so what’s the point)
  10.  A past oriented vision (rear-view mirror syndrome) it didn’t happen when I tried it the last time.. probably won’t happen this time



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