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“Your life is the sum result of all of the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously.  If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of your life.  You can find the freedom that comes from being completely in charge of yourself.”  – Robert F. Bennett

heThis really ties into a post I wrote earlier about doing things even if you don’t “feel like it”.  Life is busy, and chaotic and things get in the way but you always get to choose how to respond and what to spend time on.  You get to choose to take action to put yourself a step closer to your goals.

You may be tired or sad or sick and those are all really valid but you also have a long term vision for your life and you need to take action to create it and live it.

This great quote by Robin Sharma is a great reminder and eye opener:

“One of the saddest things in life is to wake up one day and realize that you could’ve been, done, and had so much more.”

If you want something bad enough, you will commit to it.  So it all starts with finding out what you want badly enough to commit to and then from there you make a plan and follow through.

I love Hal Elrod, his quote “The #1 cause of unfulfilled potential, mediocrity and regret is never deciding that NOW matters more than any other time in our lives.  It does.”

Pretty powerful stuff.  It’s so empowering when you realize how much control you have over your life and the outcomes.

Are you living the life you want?  Are you working towards goals daily, weekly and monthly?

The best time to make positive changes in your life is NOW.  Do you have a plan to make those positive changes?

That’s what I do.. that’s what I can help you with.  It’s my passion, my hope, my dream to make a difference in this world, leave the world a better place because of my effort.

I will be rolling out a great newsletter soon that will contain lots of wonderful quotes, ideas, and coaching to help create a better life for you… Even if I provide one little bit of information that you can run with.. I have fulfilled by goal to selflessly add value to the lives of others.. and you have taken steps to make a difference in your own life.

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