Stop the Stress – This Stuff Really Works!

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Stop the Stress – This Stuff Really Works!

The holidays are quickly approaching. For some people, this is a reason for joy and happy anticipation. For many others, it’s a cause for stress and anxiety. We often feel like we are pushing a heavy boulder up a hill, and we can sometimes feel crushed under the weight. Our responsibilities can feel overwhelming at times.

But have you ever considered that perhaps you’re bigger and stronger than that rock? That with the right set of tools, you could push the rock up that hill with ease? And that with a little planning, commitment, and guidance, that rock could, in fact, shrink significantly?

Your schedule is probably already over-filled during the entirety of the year, but come the holidays, it gets even fuller. You’re not sure when you’ll get the shopping, cleaning, cooking and office work done, let alone find the time for your own fitness, hobbies, and self-development.

If you feel overwhelmed during the holidays, you’re not alone. But make yourself  priority! (what an amazing idea, huh???)

Now is the time… making yourself a priority during the holiday season can set the tone for the entirety of the next year. Here are some tips to make yourself a priority this holiday season.

Learn to say no

That work party that you’re dreading – will it make or break your career to attend it? If not, don’t be afraid to say that your schedule is booked on that date. There’s no need to be more specific than that. Whether it’s booked with family time, relaxation time, or simply reading a book, grab that time for yourself.

Have you been asked to complete a massive project a week before a major holiday? Don’t be afraid to ask for an extension. If you ask with tact, you might be surprised at the response.


Hosting a party? Invest in a little help. You’re already busy planning the meal. Hire help to clean the house. Enlist the help of other household members to help decorate, set the table, and prep some of the food.

Overwhelmed by thousands of emails in a single day? Consider hiring a temporary virtual assistant for the holiday season – have him or her filter your messages and only send you the truly important ones.

Grab your time first

Don’t wait until all the work is done before having “you time.” Wake up a few minutes earlier, and start the day with whatever makes you feel uplifted and ready for the day ahead. Whether it’s exercise, prayer, meditation, or a mixture of the three, start each day with a commitment to your own self-improvement. Start this habit during the holiday season and stick with it throughout – you’ll start the new year re-energized and ready for the challenges to come.

When you commit to yourself, you’ll be more than ready to help others in your charge. Neglecting yourself isn’t helpful when you’re in a relationship or when you’re a caregiver. Remember: self-care isn’t selfish. In fact, it could help you become a better giver.

Invest in yourself

Achieving your goals and conquering stress is sometimes best done with a little help. Enlisting the help of someone who can help you commit to yourself and stay accountable to that commitment can help you be successful from the very start. Success this holiday season will give you the boost and encouragement you need to keep pursuing your goals in the new year.

Life coaching can help you with that commitment. Book a free consultation to see how life coaching can help you push that rock up the hill – the rock is lighter than you think.




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